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Eucharistic Revival


 Deacon John will continue our Series of Parish Eucharistic Experiences on this Thursday, December 1 at 7:00 pm in Old Church Hall (note location change for this week only). 

Together, we intend to build a Eucharistic Culture in our  families and parish.  All are welcome! 


A Note From Deacon John 

My  Sisters  and  Brothers  in  Faith, 

The  Eucharist,  the  living  person  of Christ, changes lives!                            

While  I  have  always  been  a  “practicing  Catholic,”  my  life  was  not centered on our Lord and Savior  Jesus  Christ  until  I  embraced  His  real presence,  His  Body  and  Blood,  Soul  and  Divinity  in  the  Eucharist. This reality enables all of us through  the Holy Spirit to actually participate in the  Divine  and  eternal  life  of  Christ, an eternal life of love, peace, and abundant joy. In  this  way,  the  following  quote  of  Saint  Pope  John  Paul  II  now  resonates  in  my  heart:  “The  Eucharist  is  the  secret  of  my  day.  It  gives strength and meaning to all my  activities of service to the Church....”

I am sharing this part of my ongoing  conversion  with  you,  not  only  to  encourage  you  to  reflect  on  your  personal  relationship  with  Christ and allow  Him  to  change  your  life  through  the  Eucharist,  but  to  invite  you  to  participate  in  a  parish-wide  experience  (the  Eucharistic  Revival at OLL)  to  build  a  Eucharistic Culture  in  your  family  and  our community. 

This  Culture  envisions  strengthening  your  personal  union  with Christ  and  one  another  through  the  presence  of  Christ  in  Holy  Communion  and  Adoration  of  the  Blessed  Sacrament.  Our  initial  effort  begins  Thursday, October 6, from 7 to 9 pm in Community Hall (unless otherwise noted).  During  our  time  together,  we  intend  to encounter Christ through a deeper understanding  of  the  meaning  of  the  Eucharist.  Join  in  our  Eucharistic revival!